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Rome: 10 places to see free

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Rome is an open-air museum. Most of the sites are, however, for a fee. However, there are must-see places, but it absolutely free that will make your holiday low cost.

Here are 10 places to see without spending even one euro.

1. Piazza Navona
One of the symbols of the city, crowded at any time of the year, it hosts the Christmas market during the winter. Its shape is that of an ancient stadium. It was once filled with water and naval battles took place. At the center stands the Fountain of the Four Rivers by Bernini, then there are two more, the Fountain of the Moor and the Fountain of Neptune.

2. Trevi Fountain
And ‘the most famous fountain in the world. If you want to enjoy it without the crowds, he went in the evening. After a dinner, perhaps based on bucatini amatriciana and the Roman lamb, a walk is good. Coming out from the alleys comes before the eyes majestic, thunderous and impressive in the small Piazza di Trevi. The peculiarity is that it is part of a building, Palazzo Poli. According to legend, whoever throws a coin into the fountain is sure to return to Rome.

3. Imperial Forum
Not to be confused with the Roman Forum (the entrance fee), are located along the road from Piazza Venezia, dominated by the Vittoriano, the Coliseum: Via dei Fori Imperiali. Constitute a series of monumental squares built over a century and a half (between 46 BC and 113 A.D.) by the emperors.

4. Janiculum Hill
And ‘one of the most spectacular points from which to enjoy a breathtaking view of Rome. On top of the hill, under the statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi, there is a gun that fires blanks at noon. All Romans can adjust their clock on hearing “a bang.”

5. Piazza Farnese
And ‘the most impressive Renaissance square in Rome, overlooked by Palazzo Farnese, which houses the French Embassy, ​​other beautiful buildings and fountains.

6. Municipal Rose Garden
Overlooking the Circus Maximus, it is a small little-known park in Rome, all dedicated to roses. It opens only during the period of spring blooms and is spectacular in May. And ‘the ideal place to rest and to stay away from the street.

7. Spanish Steps
At any time of day or night is someone sitting on the steps of Trinita dei Monti, the huge staircase which ends in the famous square. At the center of the square is the famous Fountain of Four Rivers by Bernini. It ‘s always very busy with tourists and hawkers. If you want to climb the 135 steps, from the top you can admire an incredible panorama of Rome.

8. Foro Italico
And ‘the most beautiful example of Fascist-era architecture and is home to the sports complex at the foot of Monte Mario. To see the Monolith and the Stadio dei Marmi, with representatives statues donated some sports from different provinces of Italy. In 1960 he hosted the Olympic Games and take place every year the Italian International Tennis. Just outside, there is the Olympic stadium. If you are in Rome at the weekend do not miss a football game.

9. Isola Tiberina
And ‘the neighborhood of the Jewish ghetto and can be reached by crossing the Ponte Fabricio coming from Lungotevere de’ Cenci, or Ponte Cestius, for those coming from Trastevere, on the right bank of the Tiber, a tangle of narrow streets and small squares filled with taverns and local . The island is very popular in summer who come to sunbathe or to walk.

10. Appia Antica
In the stretch between the walls and the GRA the Appian Way is an open air museum. Churches, mausoleums, patrician villas and a park, is easily accessible via a dedicated bus, the Archeobus (costs 12 € and is valid 48 hours), or better still by bike, you can rent one of the 27 bike sharing points ( costs 10 Euros).

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