Rome Biopark – Zoo in Rome

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The Rome Biopark has been designed following the principles of eco-sustainability. Each room was built and realized thinking about the animal’s needs that would house. The animals live in their natural habitat, in large spaces and the presence of natural elements are essential to preserve some species in danger of extinction. When you enter the Biopark one has the impression of walking in a big garden where the animals live in symbiosis with the landscape that surrounds them.
rome bio park
E ‘useless to hope to see the bear, if he does not want to come out of his lair the wait could be endless. Sometimes it can happen to encounter a few animals, because they prefer to keep hidden from the human eye, or because at that time engaged in a siesta. The place is so charming and beautiful that it is a pleasure to cross paths only by breathing the fresh air that gives off thick vegetation. The feeling is of walking in the midst of a bush without the danger of becoming prey to wild animals.

Within the Biopark you will find restaurants, bars and areas where you can have a picnic. There is a play area for the little ones, of the shops where to buy gadgets, an auditorium, exhibition spaces and facilities for the disabled. Given the large extension, if it becomes tiring to cross all over the map, there is a train that runs along the paths turning the visit into a real safari. The Zoo is located inside Villa Borghese, the green lung of Rome.

Once you are at Villa Borghese and visited the park, you can not go away without entering the Borghese Gallery where you can admire the most beautiful sculptures by Bernini, the prized paintings by Caravaggio and the portrait carved in marble of Paolina Bonaparte’s sister Napoleon. To enjoy the panorama of the city must move to the Pincio Terrace, continue along Via del Corso where you can do some ‘shopping. To gratify the view is necessary to follow the signed windows of Via Condotti.

From here go to the Spanish Steps, and immediately meets the Spanish Steps. With a walk of 15-20 minutes to the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. This is the central part of Rome with its churches, museums, streets with cobblestones, traffic in continuous turmoil. At Villa Borghese you can breathe a different air, far from the chaos you have the feeling of living in another dimension.

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