The most beautiful beaches of Lazio (close Rome)

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The coast near Rome offer many possibilities for all kinds of travelers. From the wild beaches, with sand dunes and pine forests to the more equipped for lovers of comfort.

We propose a description of some of the most beautiful beaches of Lazio.

The beach is the main beach of Serapo Gaeta. About one kilometer away from the city and is a beautiful golden sandy beach. The wide and long coastline stretches up to the beach of Fontania. Worth a visit to the Aragonese Castle, located on a sort of peninsula, truly fascinating.
The Beach Angle is the only stretch of beach all Sperlonga not to be occupied by bathing establishments, where guests can discover the real charm of these places. The fine sandy beaches and, mixed with a few rocks, offers a wild charm.

Three kilometers of beach for the most equipped and especially with many nightlife. Terracina is a favorite destination for lovers of local clubs and various kinds and who are looking for comfort.
Terracina is situated on the southern tip of the Agro Pontino at the overhanging rocks of Ausoni.
Today it is divided into three parts: the medieval quarter on the hill, with narrow streets and interesting monuments; The seven-nineteenth century area along the Appian Way with neoclassical appearance prevalence; the vast modern suburbs along the coast, especially in the west where sort a seaside town.

San Felice Circeo
It is one of the most famous seaside resorts of the Pontine coast, the beach of San Felice Circeo is part of the Circeo National Park. This town is surrounded by the Mediterranean and offers a spectacle very beautiful to travelers. Here there are many beach resorts and beaches are equipped to best to accommodate tourists.

Better known as the Pebbles Beach, the Scauri beach stretches in the resort town of Minto. It is a natural creek sheltered from the Golden Mount and Mount Scauri, consisting of ocher sand, pebbles and rocks. A curiosity: Here are some scenes of the movie “For grace received” with Nino Manfredi, and the movie “The Count of Monte Cristo,” with Gerard Depardieu and Ornella Muti.

One of the most famous beaches of Nettuno is to Torre Astura. Here there are no buildings that disfigure the landscape, leaving the coast, along with 11 km, unchanged. golden beach, clear water and the unaltered charm of places still wild side are the masters. To make it even more fascinating thinks the Astura Tower, a castle on an island that a strip of beach connects the mainland.

This spot is a favorite by the Romans, in fact, is about 40 km from the capital.
The most famous beach is that of Torre Flavia, about 5 km from Torre Flavia dry. The sea is very beautiful, light blue, crystal clear and transparent, with sandy bottoms.

One of the most beautiful beaches of Tarquinia is to Pian di Spille, also known as the Big Donut. A long sandy coastline mixed with Mediterranean pine forests are the contours of a very nice beach. Here you can also practice naturism.
Even the Baths of St. Augustine beach is beautiful, famous for the dunes alternating with thick pine forests.

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